What sets this hand truck apart from a standard dolly is the patented power rocker system which greatly increases the leverage. This is accomplished by means of sets of flanges which are welded to the bottom of the handles and also to the nose plate.

The wheels are mounted to the flanges and are a couple inches off the ground when the dolly is sitting in an upright position. This design innovation moves the fulcrum from the point that the wheels normally contact the ground to the rear of the baseplate and this doubles the leverage for a typical lift.

Another benefit of this dolly is that there is no need to push with your foot against the axle when lifting because the dolly can’t roll until the wheels touch the ground. Instead of standing on one foot and holding the dolly from rolling with your other foot, you stand back with both feet firmly planted on the ground and pull the handle. So whether you are doing heavy lifting or light lifting, The Beast of Burden Hand Truck will make your work much easier and safer.